Saturday, 12 May 2012

"Summertime Sadness..."

Hello! I have barely posted any pictures of myself and have been a bit lazy since starting this blog, so here is my first proper attempt at an outfit post. This is just what I was wearing today, nothing special. I suppose the look I was going for was a Woodstock, Jimi-Hendrix-groupie style. Also, I'm slightly addicted to tie-dye at the moment, so I bought this tee last week, whilst out vintage shopping with my friends. My friend Sarah told me about a vintage shop where 'everything is £3 and smells like death', which I am yet to visit!

So, I went out for a bike ride on my new bike (it's a fixie, so it was pretty hard to ride) and stopped off in the park, where I made this daisy chain. The first one since I was about 4!
And in celebration of summer finally arriving, I took the rest of my photos outside...

(This photo was taken in true 60s-kaleidoscope style!)

Tee - Oh Hell! Afflecks Palace.
Jeans - Topshop
Earrings - Urban Outfitters
Daisy Chain - my own handiwork! 

I am so obsessed with 60s clothing at the moment, so hopefully the daisy chains, tie-dye and washed out jeans have the desired effect! I am beginning to feel very summery too; so here's some fitting 60s music to celebrate the first sunny day...

Here Comes the Sun - George Harrison
(at the Concert for Bangladesh)

Gypsy Eyes - Jimi Hendrix

Younger Generation - John Sebastian

Alright - Supergrass

Lots of love and hugs,


x x x


  1. Your blog is cool, really cool. And daisy chains are awesome. Made some a few weeks ago and it gave me an instant happy bubble. Wonder if I could follow you, since you don't have GFC or anything. 'Cause I would love to follow each other xx

  2. lookin hippielicious!

    Hybid Hunter

  3. the flowers in your hair look so pretty!