Sunday, 4 March 2012

Androgynous male model Andrej Pejic to front Jean Paul Gaultier's new men's fragrance...

Andrej Pejic
Jean Paul Gautier has signed Mr Pejic, 20, as the face of it's new men's frangrance, named Kokorico. No one know's yet whether he'll be appearing as a man or a woman...but does it even matter?  Or, on the other hand, will the men still buy it? Now, I don't want to stereotype the whole of the male gender, but they can be notoriously closed-minded when it comes to matters of like this. I've lost count of the number of times my male friends have taken the mick out of a prettier boy, with their number one insult being 'tranny' or 'gay'.


To be honest, I think behaviour like that is completely disgusting. The truth of the matter is, Andrej Pejic is a beautiful person, as a man and as a woman equally, and he should not be denied a career-boosting, once in a lifetime role because he doesn't conform to the typical gender ideas. 

We mustn't forget how ''androgynous style'' has become a major fashion statement recently, with many female celebrities sporting the manly, understated look - most famously, Alexa Chung and Annie Lennox. 

Annie Lennox

Alexa Chung
If society finds it acceptable for women to be out in the public eye, dressed in what would typically be seen as 'men's clothes'...why is it such a taboo to reverse these roles?

Andrej Pejic

I admire this man so much for his bravery and determination, and I wish him every success in his modelling career. I can only hope that the expectations of what males and females should possess are slowly becoming irrelevant in the fashion industry. I would like to see less men looking strong and muscly, with rugged arms, rough stubble and broad shoulders and less dainty, idealised, stick thin women with thigh gaps the size of a small country. 

I can safely say, that I would welcome androgynous models into the fashion industry with open arms. 
Andrej Pejic is exactly what we need.